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Tipd brings in more tips, saves time and saves money for the following industries


Tour Guides





Hairdressers, Barbers &
Nail Salons

If your business has employees, we know how much time is wasted recording, managing and accounting for tips paid on the company card machine. Many still write this in a "tip book" to record who is owed.

Tipd removes all of this by letting clients scan a QR code (usually on the mirror or desk) and choosing the team member to tip directly using their card.
✅ Your staff are paid in 2 working days, so they don't need to wait for payroll,
✅ Staff keep more tip as it's not liable for National Insurance (or card fee's!)
✅ Clients have confidence that the business isn't keeping any of the tips from the staff
✅ Business owners no longer need to manage tips manually. Win-win!

How it works

Tour Guides

Lots of guides offer free tours and tips make up the majority of the income in an increasingly cashless world. With Tipd:

✅ Participants can tip at the same time, without needing to queue for your card reader
✅ Unlike card readers, there are no up-front costs, subscriptions or commission for you, meaning you keep more of that hard-earned tip.
✅ There's no need to charge, carry and connect a dedicated card reader
✅ Even for paid tours, you can add your Tipd link to thank you emails and social profiles to get tipped even when you're not working

How it works


Let your fans show their appreciation through tips whether you're busking or performing to a full house!

✅ Fans can set the amount and pay from their own phone, so you don't need a fixed fee card reader or even stop performing
✅ Tipd QR codes can be added to roller-banners, posters and signs
✅ Add your Tipd link to your social profiles so your fans can tip at times that suit them
✅ Cheaper than the fees associated to most card readers and pays out to your bank account in 2 working days

How it works

Other Uses

Above are just some of the businesses who can benefit from Tipd but there's plenty of others too, including:

✅ Content creators, Podcasters and Vloggers can use Tipd to ask audiences for one-off tips rather than subscriptions, e.g. "Buy us a coffee 🤗"
✅ Events staff, private flight attendants and freelance boat crews can take advantage of cashless tips without a card reader
✅ Hospitality businesses who don't split tips this is for you too (Automatic tip splitting coming soon)

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