1. Get Your QR Code

Sign up for free and we'll give you a Tipd QR Code and a link to your own personal profile page which you can add to signs, websites, socials, posters for people to tip you 😎

2. ID Check

We use a specialist payment provider licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), so we'll ask you some basic ID checking questions before we can pay out tips.

3. Get tipd

With your profile setup and your ID checked, people can start to tip you! Customise your profile with a message and choose "quick tips" to make it as easy as possible 🙌

4. Pay Outs

Tips will show in your transaction history as they happen, so that you can keep track. In 2 working days, pending tips will automatically be paid out to your own bank account 🚀

Tipd is Easier, Faster & Cheaper

So what are you waiting for?