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If everything is free, how does Tipd make money?
When your customers tip you, we ask them to pay a small "Admin Fee" on top. This is partly based on a percentage of the tip and in most cases, is just additional pennies to the total amount. The convenience of not carrying cash and knowing that the receiver gets 100% of the tip amount is why people use Tipd. 😄

What's included in the "Admin Fee"
The Admin Fee covers card processing charges, app running costs, VAT and finally, a small profit. We keep this as lean as possible so that customers can tip quickly and cheaply, whilst ensuring that the receiver gets 100%. We're a small, growing business and we promise to always remain transparent and fair to our users and customers ❤️

When do I receive the money into my bank account?
The tip will show up in Tipd immediately but you will receive the money into your account in two working days from the transaction day (or T+2 as we say in the biz!) excluding weekends. For example, if you're tipped on a Monday your bank will be credited on a Wednesday. Where weekends are involved, tips on Thursday, Friday or Saturday will be credited on a Monday and when tips taken on Sunday, these will be credited on Tuesday. There is also a minimum payout of £5, so tips under this will be held until the total tips reach £5. 🏦

Why do people who receive tips need to complete ID verification?
Paying a tip by card as a customer does not require any ID check. However, in order to receive tips by card and then pay them out to bank accounts, we need to use a specialist payment provider licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Under this license and UK law, all users receiving tips must complete "anti-money laundering" (AML) and "know your customer" (KYC) checks to verify their identity. 🪪 This is a one-off activity and for more information on the type of information we use and process, check out our Privacy Policy

Can I keep all of the tip I receive?
Tipd ensures that the receiver gets 100% of the tip amount paid by the customer. As customers pay tips using Tipd without any involvement from the employer, then no National Insurance contributions should be due. However, tips are subject to income tax rules and each individual's tax status is unique. Tipd cannot offer tax advice so we would suggest you seek advice specific to your circumstances. For more information visit the UK Goverment website and search for guidance on tips and gratuities. 💰

Do my customers need to download an App?
Nope! Your customers can scan your QR code using their phone's camera which will open their internet browser and take them to your / your teams profile page. From here they can tip using a card, Apple Pay or Google Pay, making it quick and easy.

Do you have an App for my phone?
You can download the Tipd app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store depending on your device to setup your Tipd account, monitor transactions and edit your profile. 📲

Do I need to print the QR code?
The choice is yours but you don't have to as it depends on your environment. Our tour guides tend to print their QR codes as stickers for clipboards and badges. We've seen entertainers add QR codes to their roller posters for gigs and salons add them to their mirrors. Alternatively, you could just show your QR code from your own phone as it's on the home screen of Tipd when you log in (tap it to enlarge). If you need assistance with printing or placing QR codes, get in touch

Do I always need to use the QR code, what if I'm not physically with my customers?
The QR code simply contains a link to your own personal Tipd link (like this: You can share this link in your social profiles, booking / thank you emails or via WhatsApp. There are some dedicated sharing buttons on your home screen underneath the QR code in the Tipd app.